Rama Wool Bangkok


dear customers

In vallemsoss coloure numbers as following are going to give special prices if interested please do as following

Rw680850---135 136 139 140 159 160 182 183 180 187

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Rama Wool Bangkok

Rama Wool Bangkok

Address : 577/91 Phanitthon Soi 9 ,
Charan 13 Road, Thapra Bangkokyai , Bangkok 10600 Thailand
Email : ravind@ramawool.com

For over years rama wool has earned a reputation as bangkok\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Premier Fabric Store for our incredible collections of wool fabrics, wholesale prices, and huge inventory. Located in the Thapra area. We stock tens of thousands of bolts of merino wool fabric one of the finest fabric available in bangkok. Everyone is welcome to order from our Wholesale Fabrics and Notions sections for added savings.


one hongkong$=5 = 35baht per us$

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